SMA Mosque

Sma  Mosque Parking Guidelines

Please pay attention to the parking arrangements to overcome the parking challenges at Sammamish Mosque during Ramadan:
  •  Parking on the grass area is NOT permitted.
  •  Parking in front of the main entrance:
    • Parking at the front of the main entrance is only for the ADA (Parking for people with disabilities) and reserved spot for Imam. Please do not use these spots in any other circumstances and instead use the main parking lot or the street parking for overflow, as indicated on the map below.
  •  Towing for parking violations:
    • IBSEN towing company has posted signs all around the main parking lot and in front of the masjid. If they notice any violation, they are authorized to tow away the vehicle as we cannot afford to park in fire lanes or block entrance or other cars since it creates safety hazard risking lives, and not city approved. 
  •  Overflow parking on neighborhood streets

The map shows in green the roads that can be used for parking. Do not park in the red zones and observe traffic and parking requirements.