SMA Mosque

Our Mission

“The best among you are those who learn the Quran and those who teach it.” –Prophet Muhammad (Peace be upon him)
Our mission is to organize Muslims in the area and help us together stay on the path dictated by the Holy Qur’an and practiced by Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) through educational and spiritual means. Towards this end, it shall:
  • Arrange and hold congregational prayers and Islamic religious festivals at appropriate times.
  • Promote unity and cooperation among Muslims.
  • Provide Islamic services and develop institutions to meet the needs of Muslims in Sammamish and surrounding areas.
  • Endeavor to make Islamic teachings known to interested non-Muslims.
  • Conduct religious, educational, social, cultural, and other activities in the best traditions of Islam.
  • Promote better relations between Muslims and non-Muslims

Our Story

In 2008, four community members founded the Sammamish Muslim Association and rented various facilities to congregate for prayers until 2010, when Allah (SWT) blessed the community to purchase a property. Our Masjid sits in the heart of Sammamish with plenty of green areas on both North and East and Pine Lake towards South West. It is in a residential area and is close to several local schools.

To make the best use of the property, we built a parking lot in 2014. In 2016, we did minor remodeling to create additional space for our congregation. As a result, we were able to offer many Islamic education programs and have started getting our community together more often. These activities have led to a significant increase in congregants attending prayer (Salat) at the Masjid. And to accommodate our continued growth, we started the planning to build a new facility in 2017.

With the grace of Allah SWT and then the community’s generous donations and support, the journey that started in 2017 with an ambition and drawing on a paper became a reality in October 2022. Now, the new mosque offers several activities for all ages around the week.

This successful story was possible only due to Allah’s blessings, the community’s hard work, and the wisdom of the leadership. Since its founding, SMA board of directors and trustees have relied on the Holy Quran and Sunnah as our guide and followed the just, moderate, and balanced view of Islam as Allah mandates in the Quran.